Art on a roll.

My day started with me waking up to my 4 year olds kisses, brewing a pot of the strongest darkest coffee , and putting together my daugher’s school lunch of assorted mini sandwiches, carrots, and various crackers. It might not sound glamorous or exciting, but it’s actually a rather pleasant way to get my bearings before I plunge into my day. So after giving Sophie and my honey their goodbye kisses, I grabbed my coffee, threw on my painting apron, and headed back to my studio.

And I must say that today was a bit like Christmas! It seemed that overnight some creative little elf (my sister artist pal Miss Mindy I suspect!) had begun some fantastic work on a few collaborative pieces for our upcoming show. She painted in a portrait a girls most sad but endearing face on a piece that will eventually become a diorama doll house piece (with tiny hinges on the doors and shutters on the windows. I’d show you a picture, but I have to save it for our upcoming show!!!

Oh, did I forget to mention that Mindy and I are doing a joing show at Gallery Revisited? I think so. Well, here’s the scoop. March 24th is the opening of our “The Secret Lives of Dolls” art exhibition at a great little gallery in Silverlake (see links to the right). We are working on individual pieces, and a few collaborative ones – so it will be a show full of all sorts of new art. Wooden dolls, diorama doll house paintings, hand painted nesting dolls! AND if we are super lucky, we will be selling super duper limited edition of our upcoming box set o’ books (published by Baby Tattoo Books!) As soon as I’m done typing I’m heading into the other room to work on some new pieces for the show. Ok I better stop procrastinating – I gotta go!


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