HEY! I’ve got an upcoming joint show with Sister Miss Mindy

Here is an excerpt from the Press Release:

“The “Secret Live’s of Dolls” show evolves around the notion of women, their friends and relationships in fantastical places – places close to home and those found in reality as well as in our thoughts. Not to be confused with a feminist ideology, this show relishes the important roles that are inherently feminine while at the same time embracing youth and acceptance.
“Exploring the sadness over the loss of a bird, the feeling of manipulation, being trapped by expectations, or simply having butterflies in your belly — these emotions, love, fear, angst, and humor are vividly present in our work in a whimsical, bittersweet, and hauntingly delicate way.” CJ Metzger

CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy’s work falls into the recently coined genre, “Pop Surrealism”. Although they embrace this new label they do prefer to identify with the history of art making. Their inspiration stems from Craft and Folk Art as evident in the materials that they use, and the inherent themes that surround domesticity, every day occurrences and simple global feelings. They circle around the fringe of their hottest peers, comfortable in their individual fortitude to create work void of pretence and focusing on matters of individual expression.’ ~ Leora Lutz (Gallery Revisited owner/curator)

The show is March 24 – May 5, 2007. Reception in is March 24, 6-10pm {3204 Sunset Boulevard, LA CA 90026 behind Sumi’s}


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