What’s Cookin’

Hi folks, been a while since I last made an entry. This time of year is always especially busy for me. Somehow I managed to secure 3 shows at around the same time (am I nuts?), and am preparing for the almighty Comic-con once again ( I say again – am i nuts?) : ) 
 So much work to produce!! I wish I could paint in my sleep.  In anycase, if you are interested (which I’m assuming you are since you are on my blog and reading this! hee hee): My show at the Black Maria Gallery is going well. New clients buying new work is always a good thing! I am especially grateful that people continue to buy my work – even in such an economically stressful time…So, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who continue to support the arts, buy my art, attend openings, and buy my books! You keep the brushes in my hands and the food on my table!

FYI – above is a sneak peek of some pieces going to Gallery Revisited- Silverlake, and POP Gallery-Santa Fe. Both will be super good shows. I’ll provide links to see the works online as soon as they are posted.

xoxoxox. cjm

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