World Changing

Many of us feel lost, feel angry, feel hopeless about it all… How did we get here? Where exactly were we? After years of big “eating” expensive cars, enormous houses, products, stuff – America has become this obese, exhausted, abused mass of a thing… We lay on the bed as infusions are administered, CPR and life support given… What is it that will get our pulse rate back to normal?

Luckily for me, I’ve found that I’m more of an optimist than I had previously known. When given lemons – make lemonade – and such right? Hearing the pragmatic, inspirational, philosophical speeches of our president-elect, listening to my own insides waxing and waning, hearing words from my artist friends – I feel a sense of unity, a connectedness through adversity that gives me hope. And now, much to my delight I have come across this book – at first drawn to it for it’s striking and beautiful bird on the cover, but now to it’s massively deep content. It is an epic compilation of information spanning from “Holistic Problem Solving”, discussing how our things “define us” and how to develop new relationships with “stuff”, and how “business can be a vehicle of change”. It provides great insight into the many layered scenarios that plague our country, and practical solutions – many of which are already in practice on different scales.

I have only begun my journey into digesting and discovering all the insight this book has to offer, but I’m already certain that book will have profound impact on how I approach my creative career. I plan to surround myself with inspiration, information, solutions, kindness, collaborations, and friendships. To submerge myself in goodness that can only beget goodness. Be the change I want to see, etc. I encourage anyone to pick up a copy and see how we can all become that “vehicle of change” in the coming decades.


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