POP! Goes Santa Fe!

The Show at Pop Gallery, Santa Fe went great! I decided to road-trip it this time. I headed out with my folks and 6 year old on a 5 day trek through the thundery landscape of Northern Arizona, all the way to New Mexico and to beautiful Santa Fe! Have you ever been? It’s my second time, and it only gets lovelier. I’m formatting photos of our jaunt, check back in a few days for some excellent photos of The Historic Wig-wam Hotel (Holbrook, AZ), The Grandest Canyon you’ll ever see, and other photographic moments from our trip on Route 66!
And a note about the “Pop Suger Coated Femme Show, 2009:
Pop Gallery is owned and operated by the wonderful Sharla and Michael McDowell. It’s great space filled with fabulous art! This past show had artwork Kathie Olivas, Artist Sisters CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy, Stephanie Roberts, Carrie Ann Baade, Marie Sena, Valery Milovic and Julie West Take a peek Pop Galleries current, past and upcoming exhibitions!


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