Every Bit Helps: Bit’s and Pieces project

What is the Bits n’ Pieces project? Well, to put it simply, it’s a fundraiser for my daughters amazing school – Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA). Here’s how it works: I make charming and small paintings and prints, and if you fancy and purchase one – the proceeds all go towards my daughter’s school! Please read on for more details…

Today I attended a tour of our new facility and was amazed and moved to cheerful tears at all of the promise this new home has to offer. After several years of searching, tireless efforts of the staff and parents, LFCSA has now found a place to really take root. The space is magnificent, giving my daughter Sophie and hundreds of other children a wondrous place to grown and learn, and giving this school the room to flourish and evolve over the next several years.

So in efforts to help with raising the much needed funds to make the move, starting June 10th each week I’ll be posting 3 small pieces of original artwork, some prints, and mixed media experimentations that will be for sale for $30.

How does one purchase these pieces? The first email I receive to purchase the piece – gets it! I’ll even include FREE shipping! I accept payments via Paypal.

And what’s even better than getting an incredibly affordable piece of art? All proceeds will go to The Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts Capitol Campaign. Your purchase will become a charitable donation that will go towards securing our future in our new site, help with facility improvements, paying teachers, and all the other vital needs of our school.

Check below for the first 3 pieces from this Bit’s and Pieces Series. It is true that every little bit helps, and that when humans combine in efforts of creativity and philanthropy – all these little bits can make a HUGE difference.   I’m deeply appreciative for your participation and for your patronage!

Sincerely yours,

CJ Metzger – artist, designer and mom to Sophie (age 6)


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