Paintings Come and Go…

Someone asked me the other day if I found it hard to part with my paintings still. Yes – and – No. For me a piece is never truly finished until it finds the right person. Whether it be someone stumbling into a gallery, one of my open studios, a friend that catches it in the making, or my mom not letting it leave the studio – i always feel that the circle of creation has been completed once it finds it’s rightful owner. I do feel a bit rushed in with the art-making process these days. And, I do like to have my fresh and new pieces around me for a while. It’s nice to just make friends with them for a few days! This is one of those pieces that comes out of my hands, gets framed, and is off to the gallery – then to a client faster than I can even document it! All I have is a snapshot of the piece… I’m going to have to track this baby down.

Oh, and if you have any of my work in your home, can you send me a picture of it hanging in place? I’m putting together a collection of photos of my art in clients places. You can email them to me at thanks!


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