Forest Inspiration – Yosemite National Park

Ahhh….Sometimes you just need to be outdoors! And Yosemite is by far the best place to get that “out of doors” awe-struck- humbling experience that just puts everything in perspective. It  is so magical and such a special place to me and my family. I’ve been trekking there since I was just a wee little babe. In fact, my mom toted me in a baby carrier to Vernal falls when I was around 9 months old!
My family and I spent the New Years Holiday up there and braved the winter (mild, but we did get some snow!). Above are a few pic’s i snapped from my iPhone. You just can’t take a bad photo of that place.
I was hoping to paint a little, and did some sketching, but moreover – I just needed to refresh my mind and let nature make it’s visual imprint on me. It was nice to just be little ol’ me, quiet, breathing cool air, kicking stones, eating snow. I’ll get to painting as soon as I get back home.


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